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NAVIGATE™ - Complex Change Preparation Activity Complex Change Preparation: Many times you know about upcoming changes in time to prepare your people, processes, and skills in such a way that the change is efficient, effective, and as painless as possible. Even better, employee buy-in is increased substantially when employees are involved in preparation activities. Session features NAVIGATE™ - Complex Change Preparation Activity.
HURDLES™ - Barrier Identification and Elimination Activity Barrier Identification: Once you know where you want to go as an organization and begin your change journey, you will no doubt encounter barriers, hurdles and other obstacles along the way. By learning how to better identify and eliminate these obstacles, you will open the path to change in a positive, constructive way that can include employees at all levels in your organization. Session features HURDLES™ - Barrier Identification and Elimination Activity.
HATS™ - Task Management and Workload Distribution Activity Task Management: Making sure you have the right people in the right positions is critical to effectively and efficiently meeting departmental and organizational goals. Balancing workload across employees with different skill sets, interests, and priorities can be a constant challenge for even the most seasoned manager. Session features HATS™ - Task Management and Workload Distribution Activity.
SNAPSHOT™ - Process Improvement Activity Process Improvement: Whether your processes are already in place, or to be defined, managers need to make sure everybody involved knows how they contribute to the process, how their tasks affect others in the process, and how their work contributes to the organization as a whole. Whether small, incremental change or vast process re-engineering is your plan, working through the upcoming changes with the people involved in the process can smooth the transition exponentially. Session features SNAPSHOT™ - Process Improvement Activity.
IDENTITY ™ - Departmental Positioning Activity Departmental Positioning: A department cannot easily measure change efforts without first having a firm understanding of where they began. Once all department staff understand how the department fits into the organization, it is much easier to effect changes and understand the impact these changes will have on the department as a whole. Session features IDENTITY ™ - Departmental Positioning Activity.
PRIORITIZE™ - Priority Management Activity Priority Management: Large projects with a laundry list of things to do, along with a certain amount of resources can be daunting to all involved. Quickly getting all the tasks to be completed in completion order by resource and deadline so the project can move to the implementation phase reduces anxiety, focuses the people on the project, and helps kick off the project in an organized fashion. Session features PRIORITIZE™ - Priority Management Activity.
IDEAS™ - Brainstorm Activity Idea Generation: We've all been part of them and we've all experienced feelings of wasting time when they get off track or don't produce results. Quite often the issues that plague a brainstorming session lie not in the lack of creativity, but rather in the lack of structure that allows all participants to participate and quickly uncover the best ideas. Session features IDEAS™ - Brainstorm Activity.
AWARDS™ - Employee Recognition and Award Kit Employee Recognition: Once you and your staff begin a change journey, how do you sustain the focus, momentum, enthusiasm, and drive to completion of the change initiative? Regular recognition of accomplishments and outstanding behavior keeps your employees supportive of the change initiative and boosts employee morale. Session features AWARDS™ - Employee Recognition and Award Kit.

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