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Innovative Management Tools has the small company and the department manager or supervisor in mind in all ways, including pricing. The following prices can be used for budgeting purposes. Sales Tax is only charged on Kit purchases. Travel expenses are charged on services, such as Facilitated Sessions and Facilitator Training. All prices are shown in US dollars.

For a complete quotation, including taxes and/or travel expenses, fill in the Quote Request Form and detail your interest.
Facilitated Sessions  

On-site Session Facilitation (Half Day) - $995
One session (up to 10 employees). Kit sold separately.

On-site Session Facilitation (Full Day) - $1,895
Two sessions (up to 10 employees per session)
morning and afternoon sessions. Kit sold separately.

Standard Kit - $895
Recommended for organizations with up to 15 supervisors or managers at a single location. Training sold separately.

Deluxe Kit - $1,695
Recommended for organizations with more than 15 supervisors or managers at a single location. Training sold separately.
Facilitator Training  
Training your own internal team of facilitators (training department personnel, supervisors, or managers) on how to best facilitate IMT sessions is a great way to effectively conduct sessions organization-wide at minimal cost.

Train the Facilitator Training - $1,895
One full-day session (up to 16 people). Kit sold separately.

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