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Our activities are based on over 10 years of implementation, practice, refinement, and success in a wide variety of situations across a variety of industries.

During an IMT session, you and your staff are not taught change theories or principles. Instead you apply solid change management practices by working through a structured activity, by examining your current situation, and by generating “next-step” plans. In these lively, engaging, and hands-on sessions, you'll “drill deep” and come away with practical ideas and solutions that you and your employees believe should be implemented to effectively manage departmental and organizational changes. Matter of fact, at the end of a session it's not at all uncommon to hear attendees say that, for the first time, they feel their ideas and suggestions have been listened to and considered. There is no better way to build that critical employee buy-in than with isnclusion.

For information on how IMT activities can fit into your organization and help your supervisors and managers more effectively manage change, look in our Publications section.

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I always thought that in a little business like mine, just my wife and I, we wouldn’t be able to benefit from anything like what IMT offers. But I was wrong.

Jody Frahmann
Off the Wall Custom Framing
Marshfield, Wisconsin

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