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"In the last year, as typical with many non-profits, I experienced a large turnover in staff. Fortunately, we are up to full force again, but I realized early on with our new team that we had a lot to learn about each other. WIRED provided the tool we needed to open up communication between our old and new members. It was fascinating to learn about the differences in each generation’s professional aspirations, motivations and personal goals. It opened our eyes to the variety of backgrounds we derive from and the unique knowledge and experience we can contribute regardless of our seniority or position. As the Executive Director, I’ve truly discovered how to utilize my employees’ skills and strengths based on their experience and comfort levels. I feel that we’ve created a more efficient workplace by defining clear expectations for each other. And, most importantly, through this exercise we came to a realization that we are all working here because we share a common passion. WIRED is not just a “warm fuzzy” exercise. It offers valuable information to make any team get past the typical office antics and work cohesively towards the goals of the organization."

Sue Wilcox, Executive Director
United Way of Portage County, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

"Having hired about 75% of my staff in the last 18 months, our Central Office employees needed to learn about each other beyond their job duties, build connections beyond the office, and appreciate their colleagues beyond their job title. In essence, we needed something that helped to see what makes our co-workers “tick.” WIRED was very effective at opening up conversations and sharing knowledge points across the staff in a very natural way. While we had talked about doing a ‘getting to know you session,’ we would have never come up with something like this on our own."

Jim Dyer, President
Stevens Point Area Catholic Schools (SPACS)
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

"WIRED was a collaborative activity that connected us as a team and increased our sense of community. WIRED is a worth-while exercise for any team, new or established."

Daniel Suda, Director
Wipfli LLP, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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