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"As co-owners and the only employees of a small framing shop, it recently became apparent to me and my wife that we needed to find ways to improve our order fulfillment process if we had hopes of keeping the customers happy and the business growing.  SNAPSHOT was the ideal tool to show us where our improvement opportunities were and the results gave us a realistic, goal-oriented improvement plan that could be put into action without a total disruption to our existing day-to-day order flow.  Once we pinpointed the fact that our primary improvement area was materials management, it became obvious where we need to devote our time and energy."

Jody Frahmann, Owner, Marshfield, Wisconsin

"As a consultant, one of area of my business that can be challenging is working through the pre-proposal phase with prospective clients. This can easily involve multiple phone calls and extend over a period of weeks, if not months. By applying the SNAPSHOT process analysis techniques, I've been able to streamline and shorten the pre-proposal phase and come to decision points more quickly. As a result, I have significantly improved this part of my business while also boosting my productivity. I heartily recommend SNAPSHOT to anyone interested in clear, concrete and practical ways to analyze and make process improvements. "

Tim Solinger, Principal, Solinger Communications, LLC

"As a fast-growing telecommunications company, it became apparent that we could not continue to grow long-term without taking a serious look at our existing order fulfillment processes to see if they would be able to grow with us. Taking a “snapshot” of what our process looks like today helped show our management staff that there is an urgency to undertake some process improvement initiatives now or we will feel tremendous growing pains within the next year. SNAPSHOT initiated some wonderful discussion and helped paint the picture we needed to bring everybody to the same conclusion and point of departure as we embark on our improvement path.

Thank you very much for your time and energy. Not to mention your fantastic tools, such as SNAPSHOT.”"

Barry James, Vice President – Corporate Development
Wisconsin Wireless Communications Corp., Little Chute, Wisconsin

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