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"NAVIGATE allowed our management team an opportunity to get back on the 'same-page' by focusing attention on companywide goals & objectives - and the change required to achieve them.  The session provided a clear, simple-to-use, 6-step formula that involved each department manager defining what would be required of them and their departments, and then expressing those requirements to the group as a whole.  We came away with action plans that once realized, could be implemented immediately."

Mike Cellucci, "Lean Manufacturing Champion", Morton Grove , Illinois

"We started our vending company just four months ago with what we felt was a great plan and good business sense.  We were eager and anxious to provide the very best service to our customers.  What we soon found was that we were working hard, but not smartly.  We were going all over the map and there were many issues that we had not even thought of.  We needed direction, a long-range goal, and a master plan.

"Innovative Management Tools gave us that and so much more.  Through their NAVIGATE planning and preparation activity, we now have a timeline and direction.  Additionally, because the activity is so user-friendly, it is not only easy to implement the results but also easy to understand why each step of the planning process is important and how all of the steps work together to create a comprehensive plan.

"Going through the NAVIGATE planning session provided us some peace of mind and by following the plan we created during the session, we have grown from 7 accounts to 11 accounts with at least six more in the early planning stages.  All that in less than six months!

"We are pleased to have Innovative Management Tools' activities and consulting experience guide us as we embark on our start-up venture."

Joe and Bev Johnson, Co-Owners, Kankakee, Illinois

"NAVIGATE was super good! It was energizing and brought us together as an administrative team."

John Timmerman, Superintendent (Retired)
Auburndale School District, Auburndale, Wisconsin

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