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  Non-US Testimonials
HATS is a culturally unbiased activity. Below are some comments from session participants from outside the United States. To see more testimonials for HATS click here.

"Holistic Approach Towards Simplicity is my definition of HATS. The HATS session helped my company to define priorities, make sense of job duties when adding new staff and it kept the balance of workload in check. The end result derived from the session was greater operational effectiveness and efficiency for our company."

Michael Chng, Sales and Marketing Manager, Singapore

"Having downsized from a company of about 20 employees to 6 employees, we were forced to make internal organizational changes. HATS helped us identify and define old and new responsibilities in order to maximize everyone's productivity. HATS was the answer for us during that change."

Rick Eldaief, Strategic Sales Manager, Canada
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