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"Staff training and development needs a very different approach in the knowledge economy. Companies are now aware that skills must be transferable, that the nature of 'skills' is changing. The demand is often for those 'soft' skills such as team-working or creative thinking, which need to be nurtured and developed rather than directly 'taught'. The holistic, experiential approach of the activities offered by Innovative Management Tools fits into any business approach or organization. The 'blended learning' approach means that those involved can examine their own capabilities in a no-blame, no-fail culture."
Ray Barker, Director
British Educational Software Association (BESA)
London , England

"Advances in the technology seem to be happening almost daily: new platforms, new media, and thus new markets. For companies in the technology sector, managing change effectively has become a key competitive advantage. In more than 15 years of management experience, I have never seen tools so useful to help you adapt to changing conditions as the tools from IMT. They are elegantly simple and truly a breakthrough in managing changes throughout an organization."
Juan M Medina, International Business Development Director
Wisconsin, USA

"The way a change happens is through our feelings; our emotions. Any company that simply subscribes to analysis to get the change does not get results. All the analysis in the world does not substitute for caring, sharing and dealing with the emotion - the feeling. You can analyze and fixate on a process for change but until you get to the people and address their feelings around it - their understanding of it – the change will not happen! I have found the right way to implement change with IMT. By engaging the employee and addressing their emotions and feelings, this business is making it happen."
Barbara McDonald, MBA, Owner
McDonald’s Business Service
Chatham, IL

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