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With the current recognition that participative management is both desired by employees and crucial for managers to build effective teams of employees, change management initiatives need to be grounded in clear, concise, logical, layman activities or processes that engage employees at all levels, while providing the group with enough information so that decisions affecting forward progress can be made based on where people are in the change process and where the ultimate goal promises to take them.

The management tools offered by Innovative Management Tools (IMT) revolve around seven fundamental keys to change management and overall process improvement. Each of the seven keys represents an acceleration point for the organization to make responsive management decisions at all levels.

The Seven Fundamental Keys to Change Management and Overall Process Improvement:
  1. Use Supervisors and Managers as the Conduit to Employees
  2. Engage and Empower Employees in the Change Process
  3. Provide Concrete, Real-World Environments and Outcomes
  4. Build Physical Communication Opportunities in a World of Electronic Communication
  5. Capitalize on the Power of Small, Incremental Change at the Department Level
  6. Invest Time Upfront, Instead of Pay Later
  7. Recognize Employees Before, During, and After Change
More detail on the Seven Keys can be found in the downloadable file “Effective Change Management at the Department Level” found in Publications.

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