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As an independent consultant or an employee of a consulting firm, if you are looking to expand your change management offering by licensing Innovative Management Tools activities to use with your clients, we want to talk to you.

Using IMT activities to better service your clients and help them be more successful with their change initiatives is a great way to increase your revenue. IMT has a complete Licensing Program with low monthly licensing fees. Some of the program highlights are listed below.

Summary: Use IMT activities as tools in your consulting toolbox. This program gives Consultants the right to use IMT activities with their clients as part of their consulting services. There is no limit to how many times a Consultant can use the activity, provided the usage falls within the licensing period.

Here's how it works:
  • The Consultant reviews the IMT activities offered under through a licensing agreement and decides that one or several would be an attractive addition to the Consultant's "toolbox".
  • For an annual licensing fee per Consultant and activity combination, IMT will train the Consultant on how to effectively facilitate the specific activity. A minimum of one year agreement is required. Multiple-year agreements are also available.
  • As the Consultant provides consulting services to its clients, the Consultant may use the licensed IMT activity and facilitate sessions as often as wanted and in as many departments as needed - allowing the Consultant to bill hours for the time.
  • Under the licensing agreement, the Consultant will serve as the session Facilitator with his/her clients.
  • Licensing Fees, per activity, per kit, per Consultant are as follows:
    • Monthly: $ 500 per month
    • 1 Year: $ 6,000 (plus one free month)
To learn more, complete this form and an IMT representative will contact you shortly.

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